About Ivan:

Hi! My name is Ivan. Check out My Portfolio for more details. 

I created this website with the intention of sharing my training, education, and professional experiences with the community. I will document my journey as I continue to develop as a professional.

The website name came from the idea of merging cyber security and training. I originally wanted to name it “InfoSec Academy”, but many sites already exist with that name. The word dojo literally means a room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced. Merging InfoSec and Dojo just felt right; thus, Ivan’s InfoSec Dojo was born. 

About Information Security:

InfoSec (Information Security / Cyber Security) is a very in-demand field all over the world right now. It is vital for businesses to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their assets. There are more InfoSec jobs than competent InfoSec professionals at the moment, and the gap will only increase as technology continues to grow. The only way to close the gap is to train and develop strong professionals, both red & blue team, throughout the industry.


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Any input or questions are always appreciated!